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BFKit for Swift & 500+ stars for BFKit on GitHub

30 August 2015 - Reading time: 2 min - Comments

When last year Apple introduced the new programming language Swift I thought it wasn't useful to learn it and to start to create Apps with it.

It was in a early stage and a bit immature.

Now we have Swift 1.2 and the 2.0 version will be released soon, so I decided to use my energy to learn this new language.

Where can I start?

From online tutorials of course, but there wasn't the right motivation to get in.

Why not rewrite BFKit in Swift?

That is the motivation that I needed!
Rewriting it to 100% support the new language.
After a month I was able to create BFKit Swift and release it on GitHub as his older brother BFKit.

For the occasion, I created the new BFKit official icon, orange for the Swift version and blue for the Objective-C version.

Fabrizio Brancati - BFKit-Swift icon

By the time I added to CocoaPods and added support to Carthage.

Now both libraries are at the same point and I planned to simultaneously development.
Currently the versions are different, 1.4.1 for BFKit Swift and 1.7 for BFKit, but I've planned to release 2.0 versions together!

Meanwhile that BFKit Swift saw the light, BFKit for Objective-C has reached the milestone of 500+ stars on GitHub. Hurray!
I also opened a subdomain for these big projects on GitHub. Click here if you want to see it.

Fabrizio Brancati - BFKit icon

Stay tuned for more info!

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